indieberlin live review – La Folie in Kantine Am Berghain on June 5th

La Folie is the until recently secret synthpop project of Marc Houle and Joaquim dos Santos. A recent addition of Clelia Cantoro filled out the line-up and allowed the group to perform live for the first time.
The show itself was hugely entertaining, despite the indifference of quite a lot of the audience. I turned around many times to see and hear people talking loudly over the music. Despite this, the band showcased their material in about an hour with some great peaks. It was quite difficult to guess names of particular songs, as they have not yet officially released any material, apart from a video of “Her New Dress”. This is a beautiful, unconventional, compelling song featuring dialogue between the two singers with occasional interjections from the car they are travelling in! The song perfectly sums up the dichotomous relationship between the pretty, uplifting music played by Marc Houle, and the pleading, desperate, romantic nature of the lyrics sung by Joaquim dos Santos.