Laid back elegancy

Akko Liu looks like a true gentleman about to save you from crippling anxiety while at the same time channeling a very relaxed vibe.


Chic satin

Gi Shieh looks very slick and chic in this silk dress, a look that can give you inspiration for your winter out nights or…

Paris style from Chocos Hugues

We first found Chocos Hugues in last year, taken with his unusual and interesting style, and we keep coming back to him. Here’s…

streetstyle mitte december indieberlin

Street Style – Mitte

It is no secret that Indieberlin is deeply in love with both Berlin and fashion. That’s why we started this new series of street…

Street Style Kreuzberg indieberlin

Street Style: Kreuzberg

It’s no secret that indieBerlin is deeply in love with both Berlin and fashion. In our street style series we seek out people who…