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I know, I know, it’s tough. You write to blogs, you write to magazines, you write to TV and radio stations, and you wait for them to get back. You ring again, you wait. You email, you wait.

Well, no more.

In another effort to reduce the bottleneck aspect of us helping to do what we’re basically here to do – which is to help you, the independent artists, musicians, writers, fashionistas and general creatives to get yourself seen, heard and listened to, we’ve hit upon the DIY interview!

Please note: this is now a paid service – sorry guys but we gotta eat! DIY interview with inclusion into our newsletter plus social media channels plus up to three links to your music/website/etc costs you a snappy 20€. For applications, questions or one-liners please write to noel (at)

NB: If you’d like to open a dialogue about the ethics of charging for inclusion, we’re always happy to talk. Mail us!

Introducing: The DIY Interview.

Click the link, enter your email (so that we can get send more great possibilities like this), and send us an email with a link to your youtube / soundcloud / bandcamp etc….we’ll check that it’s right for us, and then you’ll receive a word document with a bunch of standard interview questions  – plus a few guidelines.

Yes, that’s right. You can just interview yourself in that you choose some questions, answer them and send it back to us with relevant links and pix – it’s all in the guidelines.

We’ll check it’s appropriate and (generally) spelled correctly and wang it up.

Everyone happy.

Proviso: (yes, there’s always one) To make sure that there are enough people interested in reading the interviews that we post, we need you to have either: 400 Facebook Likes; 500 plays of your videos on Youtube; 500 Twitter followers; or 500 Instagram followers.

NB: If you don’t fulfil these criteria and you want to do the DIY interview, hit us up. Talk to us. We’ll tell you what we think.

Put in your email and we’ll be in touch.

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