Review – Rusconi Unleash a Musical Revolution in HBC last Wednesday

The Rusconi trio unleashed a powerful performance at HBC for a full room of music lovers. Rusconi have a dreamy soul-wrenching sound that will grasp your attention. This is not background music people!
Rusconi describe their sound as experimental pop. It is the evolution, the natural transition of a jazz trio who experiment and improvise to create new sounds. Using distortion, space echo, feedback, tape decks, bells, gongs and of course the grand piano, double bass and drums, Rusconi make magic.

Rusconi play HBC Berlin 28-03, Indieberlin gives you free tickets and free CDs

Rusconi have made quite a name for themselves. The “Revolutionary Trio” say they play jazz for the rock generation. They do improvised, acoustic covers of Sonic Youth songs with piano, drums and stand-up bass.
People have said “the loudest acoustic band in the world.”(Main Post)
“This isn’t jazz, it’s revolution.” (Eclipsed)
Lovers of original improvised music are beside themselves. Rusconi continues to lay waste to all before them, astounding and delighting in equal measure. Indieberlin has 2×2 tickets for the show to give away, plus two free CDs!
Just write to us at and tell us the name of their newly released album!


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