indieberlin Frühlings-Flirt

Wir sind der Designer-Mode, den Accessoires und den tollen Geschenkideen aus Berlin und Brandenburg verfallen! Endlich finden wir eine Plattform, auf der wir all unsere neuen Lieblingsteile gebündelt finden: Kizuco! Wir haben Inhaberin Alexandra Klatt interviewt und die coolsten Local-Stücke für Euch abgecheckt.

Del Castillo Live in Lido – Indieberlin is in the Crowd

After a sunny weekend not relaxing in the park like everybody else but labouring hard in and on a van I was aching and not really feeling in the best physical state to go to a concert. Despite cuts and aches I managed to drag myself onto the old bicycle and got down to Lido, not Lidl, just in time for the start of Del Castillo’s set.

Delta Love in Antje Oeklesund – Indieberlin Bobs About

On the way through the pitch black abandoned backyard, just as it seemed unclear whether this was the right way to the venue, or the right place to be mugged, there appeared a dim light at the end of the tunnel, the cosy entrance to Antje Oklesund.

Review – This Will Destroy You – The Band at the End of the World

What band would you choose to play at the end of the world? You could do worse than choose Texas instrumental alt-rock band This Will Destroy You.
There is something epic in the thoughtful and stately progression of their bare, melodic music. They have branded it ‘doomgaze’, which has just about the right associations of hypnotic soundscapes and haunting reverbs.


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