Delta Love in Antje Oeklesund – Indieberlin Bobs About

On the way through the pitch black abandoned backyard, just as it seemed unclear whether this was the right way to the venue, or the right place to be mugged, there appeared a dim light at the end of the tunnel, the cosy entrance to Antje Oklesund.

Review – This Will Destroy You – The Band at the End of the World

What band would you choose to play at the end of the world? You could do worse than choose Texas instrumental alt-rock band This Will Destroy You.
There is something epic in the thoughtful and stately progression of their bare, melodic music. They have branded it ‘doomgaze’, which has just about the right associations of hypnotic soundscapes and haunting reverbs.

Review – Rusconi Unleash a Musical Revolution in HBC last Wednesday

The Rusconi trio unleashed a powerful performance at HBC for a full room of music lovers. Rusconi have a dreamy soul-wrenching sound that will grasp your attention. This is not background music people!
Rusconi describe their sound as experimental pop. It is the evolution, the natural transition of a jazz trio who experiment and improvise to create new sounds. Using distortion, space echo, feedback, tape decks, bells, gongs and of course the grand piano, double bass and drums, Rusconi make magic.


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