Esther Quade – indieberlin interviews berlin’s best kept secret

It´s a sensual journey in ones own space and time.
It´s a memory, a meditation, a dream on the edge of reality.
It´s a thick layer of loving voices on top of the canvas in your favorite colour.
It´s to be held in your grandmas blanket.
It´s a fragile voice in wide open spaces.
It´s like waking up after a nap in the afternoon.
It´s like feeling love.
It´s an modern form of music shamanism

Phia in interview – catch her live Friday 13th with Mez Medallion

If someone who couldn’t hear saw my show, they’d probably wonder why I was dancing around on the stage all by myself. I’d tell them that I sing songs about life and living, and create kaleidoscopic soundscapes by layering my african kalimba, voice, finger clicks, hand claps and beat boxing with my loop pedal that’s on the ground in front of me.

Skinny Lister

Up on their stomping feet and clicking their heels, the Skinny Lister sound took hold as Dan’s perceptive ballads and folkie idylls were boosted by an eruption of a rambunctious free spirited rum fueled party music. Soon the Skinny Lister sound was charging down the nation’s canals and waterways, bursting into spontaneous song in pubs and clubs, kicking up a summer frenzy at numerous festivals. Over 30 festivals in fact, a nonstop work rate that saw them acknowledged and awarded by PRS as the ‘Hardest Working Band’ of summer 2011. “We travelled hundreds of miles together in a Land Rover with a double bass strapped to the roof, sharing the driving, playing gigs every night and going out to party afterwards. We didn’t make it easy on ourselves but it does bond you as family.” Dan recollects.


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