Live Review – Echo Me, Karl Neukauf and Hans Rohe in the suburbs

An extremely high standard of control over his voice, hitting very high notes and tumbling way down into the bass and then fluttering back up again without missing a trick. His guitar playing and songwriting are equally assured. I was impressed when I heard the album (a more electric affair, recorded with a full band), and now seeing him live I have no doubt at all that Echo Me is going to be a name on everybody’s lips before too long.

indieberlin gives you 1×2 free tickets to the burlesque show Sunday Soiree in the Primitiv Bar this Sunday night

Well what do you know boys and girls it’s that time of the month again! No, no, the time of the month when we get little frissons of pleasure running up and down our spine on a Saturday night because we remember what this Sunday night will hold – yes, it’s Sunday Soiree time again in the Primitiv Bar presented by the crazy and frankly-very-skimpily-dressed-for-the-weather girls from Bravo Burlesque.

Lasse Matthiessen – ihr habt gefragt – Lasse hat euch geantwortet

Das indieberlin user interview mit Lasse Matthiessen –

ihr konntet uns eure Fragen schicken und Lasse hat diese beantwortet – hier kommt der erste Teil “Eures indieberlin Interviews” mit Lasse Matthiessen.
Viel Spass…… Ach und ja – wir haben eure deutschen und englischen Fragen im Original belassen – aber das kennt ihr ja bereits von uns :o))


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