Cargo Records autctions rare vinyl test pressings for charity

Cargo Records is mainly a label and distributor, but they’ve also been running a vinyl pressing plant on the side, for among others Sub Pop, Roadrunner Records and Nuclear Blast. And with every vinyl pressing there’s always a test pressing – and so through the years a whole load of these have mounted up in the Cargo Records offices. Now Cargo have decided to auction off a whole load of these extremely rare test pressings on ebay.

The Lost Album – an exhibition of Dennis Hopper’s photography

That Dennis Hopper turned out to have documented his passageway through the great and the good in the sixties is one thing, quite another is that he was also a very good photographer. In fact, although Hopper is nowadays known mainly as the bad-boy actor of the sixties and seventies (once described by a critic as the personification of the lost dreams of the sixties), Hopper in fact couldn’t get acting work for most of the sixties – after starting out in the fifties where he debuted in roles with James Dean, who became a friend. It was after Dean’s death that Hopper aquired a reputation as a difficult and insolent actor – thus he turned to photography and spent most of the decade photographing celebrities, shooting the cover for Vogue on a few occasions, and creating the album cover of the classic Ike and Tina Turner album Mountain Deep – River High. His interest in photography continued through his turbulent career and he ended up with a whole big shoebox full of intimate photographic portraits, which was later released

Live review – Quixote last week at Antje Oeklesund

Through the darkened wasteland and inside the burrows of Antje Oeklesund a small crowd gathered early. Dorothy Of The Day took to the stage, fittingly wearing red boots like all Dorothys should. No one dared ask if she’d stolen them from a witch, and in any case, her a cappella set was enough to gloss over any charges of witchicide.


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