Thanks to everyone for coming down to our relaunch party!

Thanks to everyone who made it down to the indieberlin relaunch party in Anna Ecke last night, it was a great night, lots of our favourite people came, a number of people who came as strangers left as friends, and of course we had a representative crazy guy wandering around too. Always a plus. DJ Paul Wancho Greves of UK/Berlin label Risin Sound did a great DJ job with a little expert assistance from Brian Wyse, a man of rare and unusual talents indeed.

Polly Trope read delightfully from her book Cured Meat, Robert Grant regaled us with poetry and a good dollop of attitude and Noel Maurice rocked out in usual inimitable style. Everyone had a great time (they said) and we were extremely happy with the night being a suitable celebration of the new improved death star I mean indieberlin site. Last week came indielit, the upcoming week will bring indiefilms, we’re opening up a new section in the mixes to meet the demands of all our friendly electrohead buddies and, well, all in all we’re very excited about the whole thing.

So thank you again to everyone who came down and made it a night to remember. Looking forward to the next party!

Oh and – as the night continued one question seemed to have been asked a good few times: “This is cool, but what exactly is indieberlin?” And as we are right at the moment of clarifying this burning question, we thought we’d throw the question out there:

Let us know what you think best defines and/or sums up indieberlin: the one that’s closest to the way we understand it, or puts it the best, will win one of our brand new limited edition indieberlin teeshirts….

Send your answers to win at and we’ll talk next week.

Don’t forget to zap to our photo gallery of the evening:

Mia Morris is co-founder of indieberlin and a Berlin native. She has been active in the Berlin arts scene since the early zeroes as photographer and visual artist, also under the name Funkyrotic. Mia Morris also runs which specialises in SEO marketing and website optimisation.

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