Two tickets to Death Letters am 20th February in Monarch – yours for the taking

The Dutch duo known as the Death Letters are back once again. But with a twist. Their new album Common Prayers has a very strange back story – on tour in the US the band apparently wandred into a junk shop, opened up a cupboard with a cross on it and out fell a book of prayers from the 19th Century, each prayer dedicated to a different person. The band were somehow touched by this to the point that they’ve dedicated their new album to the anonymous author. 

In a world where everything seems set to move higher, faster and further, the Death Letters have taken a noticeable step back. Instead of punk rock festivals, they’re playing in churches these days. Well. Also in Comet Club, so I guess not only in churches.

Happily indieberlin has a pair of tickets for you to win, so that you can go and see just what this is all about. Write to and…you know the rest.

We Chant Arhythmically – Death Letters (official video) from Death Letters on Vimeo.

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