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I Am Oak

After releasing multiple studio-albums, with the latest release being a vinyl-reissue for his debut album ‘On Claws’, I Am Oak will now release a new live EP with eight solo songs recorded in Brussels, Belgium.

The EP is called ‘Pictures of the Floating World’ and I Am Oak will celebrate the release with a show at the 7 Layers Festival in Amsterdam on October 1st, two days after the official release, which will be on the 29th of September.

I Am Oak’s Thijs Kuijken about the album: “The title “Pictures of the Floating World” is a translation of the term ‘Ukiyo-e’, the old Japanese print art, which focusses on depicting the fleeting moments in performing arts and traveling. This is exactly what this record is, both musically and visually, so this term seemed to embody the whole record for me.”

The artwork was drawn by ‘The Things We Are’ (Joost Stokhof), who explains: “I was part of the band while they travelled through Germany and Switzerland. When they were driving from one show to the next, setting up equipment, sound checking, performing or selling merchandise I was there, closely observing and searching for the details that were most characteristic for tour life to me. I put all of these moments together in a series of drawings I made while we were driving through Europe.”

This release is limited to 333 hand numbered copies. It includes a beautiful 50 x 50 cm fold-out poster with drawings by ‘The Things We Are’.

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