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It’s 4 AM Saturday and you turn back home by bike. Somehow tired, somehow tipsy, somehow lost. While waiting at the light to turn green, you play Yellow Days’ last album. And like this, for 35 minutes you fly back home while surfing mellow beats and slow soul blues rhythms.

It’s not hard to hear the King Krule or Joe Cocker influences on any of his songs. But George van den Broek gives his song that autumn-ish-6-pm-vibe, neither happy, neither sad, just melancholic.

Oh sometimes I just wanna run away

It’s got too much babe

I don’t even know how, but I just fell out

God I’m rude, in the abyss, I loom

So I’ll just wonder

Show them what you’re made of

Yeah, look out
I, I ain’t giving up

Not that easy, I ain’t gonna give up that easy

The kid, originally from Manchester, was around 11 when he started playing around with his new Christmas gift guitar. Now he’s 19 and he’s recording songs in his garden shed. He talks a lot about living up with depression and bad anxiety.

“ We’re all so comfortable and settled most of the time that the day to day can become hard. The EP is about people who feel that way, who just can’t quite get by. I’m a character  like that and hopefully Is Everything Okay In Your World  can help people recover from depression and anxiety.”

In 2016, his first EP called Harmless Melodies got out. Described as lush yet hazy instrumentals, with a very powerful, emotive singer reminiscent of Benjamin Clementine, the EP delivers the perfect soundtrack for a day without too many decisions to take.
One year later, in 2017 he delivers another album “Is everything okay in your world”: one hour, 13 songs, pure bliss, and nostalgic vibes.

“I was expecting some lo-fi hipster bullshit from the horrible cover, but Is Everything Okay In Your World? is better than it lets on. Yellow Days here presents a hypnagogic, dreamy take on soul music, kind of like if King Krule went full pop and made music for stoned afternoons instead of paranoid nights.“

Yellow Days will perform live on 13th October in Berlin @ Festsaal Kreuzberg.

To have a chance to attend his concert, indieBerlin are offering one pair of raffle tickets for the first two people to send an email to win (at)!


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