Underground Hiding Everywhere. Death Hags Concert WIN TICKETS!!


A rocky guitar mixed with a snappy 808 snare starts showing the Metal Teeth.

A rocky guitar mixed with a snappy 808 snare starts showing the Metal Teeth. Death Hags is the music project from Lola Jean, a french born in reclusion in the hills of east Los Angeles. Metal Teeth was the first single of the project, released in 2018, and having not more than a handful of fingers of songs in The Cloud, Death Hags is as intriguing and fascinating as it gets.

Three songs from Death Hags are more than enough to feel the Energy of the project.

You hear Rock and PostPunk and Electro but all of them fail in the attempt to describe her music. The stage will be her CV. You hired. You fired.

Synths all around in this dark forest road, we do indeed have a torch, her voice soothes the background, the drum machines on pingpong tables bounce producing dim flashes of purple blue, redish pink and black light.

We will follow down with her this 14.02. in 8mm Bar, whether a full band or a solo live set we will follow you in.

This hypnotic art pop of Death Hags will hit Berlin in winter to remind us that is warmer when under the ground.



  • Reply February 13, 2019


    How do I do to win Tickets?

    • Reply February 13, 2019

      Mia Morris

      please email to win at indieberlin de or leave a comment :))

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