indieberlin visits: Trentemøller at Astra


[Written by Clémentine Desjonquères]

Being just curious about Trentemøller as a DJ but having no real expectations about how the show would be like, I entered Astra with an open and optimistic mind. After the opening by Den Sorte Skole, following Trentemøller and his musicians on their tour, the scene was set up with a lot of guitars and a set of drums, not quite was I was expecting. But then, when the show started I understood that we’d be having a good (and trippy) time.

From the beginning of the show it appeared that dark and heavy synth gimmicks would be our guides thoughout the show. The slow rhythm paired with synth melodies, as well as the rock sounds brought by the guitars and drums were great and made me smile right away. Trentemoeller’s singer, Marie Fisker took over the mic and gave us a couple of beautiful songs : she had an amazing clear voice that just added to the show’s perfect atmosphere. At some point some crazy moving fabric tubes appeared which gave the show its true trippy and psychedelic print, as T.’s synthetizer truly went insane. In the end, this ended in a show that I really didn’t regret attending. When previously listening to Trentemoeller’s albums, I told myself I would have a nice time but I was not expecting a show that great! This psychedelic-electronic-rock fusion filled my brain with so many different feelings and it was a great mix.

The audience was great and it looked like T. and his band were very happy about the warm welcome they received at Astra. Although the music was pretty wild and we were all enjoying it, everyone was well behaved and loving, in some way. We were very happy of the way they greeted us in return at the end of the show.

Most of the material played during the show was taken from his brand new album ‘Lost’ released in September this year, meant as an “antithesis” to what his fans would have expected him to produce, that would have been in the same line as his previous albums. I am not saying any more and highly recommend you to listen to this little treasure of music

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