win Tickets for the record label’s release show SKIING & CLASSIC MUSCLE – Split 7″ Release Party

The label SPÄTI PALACE took off with a concert at Antje Oeklesund last December and brought out a free album that features Berlin based bands which happen to have members from all over the world, highlighting the diversity at play in this bubbling underground.

Now Späti Palace proudly presents its first release SKIING / CLASSIC MUSCLE SPLIT 7″ and Späti Palace, Cranky Booking & Shameless Limitless kick this happening off with a soon to be legendary party on 05th April at Marie-Antoinette.

If you want to go and bring your charming acquaintance for free, than email us at win(AT)indieberlin(DOT)de and it might just work out.

You can see the facebook event here!

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