The/Das release brand new video single ‘Something Is’

The/Das have been cutting edge since their inception a few short years ago. An electro band out of Berlin, they’ve been playing their brand of what they call tender techno around the world to much wild happiness. Now they’ve released their brand new video single “Something Is”.

Fabian Fenk (The/Das) and Kieran Behan (crystalmafia) join forces after previous music video collaborations. For ‘Somebody Is’, the musician and filmmaker spent two weeks living inside a van, moving up and down the coast of California and interacting with the homeless, witnessing and capturing their daily experiences and personal stories.

Around the world, the homeless are treated as invisibles and go unseen. The media blackout on their plight is tremendous. Their existence is ignored by most passersby. They are dehumanized, and in our apathy, so are we.

Visibility, dialogue, and acknowledgment shift perspective from apathy to empathy and dignity. In feeling for each other we reawaken to our shared humanity, and remember that we all have a role to play in the cause of social change.

Change is systematic. We must protest peacefully through art, culture, and expression – by choosing to feel, hear, and see.

/// Download / Stream “Somebody Is”


/// The/Das live:
05.08.2016 – DE – Ravensbeuren, Lott Festival
26.08.2016 – CH – Zürich, Manifesta 11
08.10.2016 – DE – Dingolfingen, Red Box Festival

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