The Growlers at Columbia Theater Berlin 12.11

the growlers at lollapalooza photo credit shane hirschman

In a week’s time you shall stun your eyes and ears with The Growlers. They have been the cool cats on the block in the USA for a few years now; creators of the famous Beach Goth festival that has hosted bands like Bon Iver, James Blake, Patti Smith and Violent Femmes.

Inspired by Mexican myth and magic and stemming from California, the band has gone through a few changes since the beginning. They are now signed to Julian Casablancas’ Label, Cult Records, and have released their most recent album ‘City Club’ this year in September.

Inspired by Mexican myth and magic

The new album has been both highly praised and reviewed with disappointment by fans. It is more refined and plays much less with the classic storytelling that frontman Brooks Nielsen has become so loved and famous for. A few of the members have also departed from the band and so a live performance will be quite a change from what we have seen from The Growlers but nevertheless a must-see.

The show is sold out for now (nice one, Growlers!) but if you can find a ticket floating about on facebook, please do yourself the favour and get it!

12 November 2016
Columbia Theater

Article by Ines Soutchka

Photo credit Shane Hirschman with CC2 Licence

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