Soundcheck – 54 Fingers talk about their soundtrack to Nude Nuns with Big Guns

 Soundcheck with… 54 FINGERS

 Write a new music journalism review of yourself by filling in the blanks: Our music is like supernerds dancing with hippies during a roadtrip while listening to Gangnam Style on acid.

 What comes first in your songs – lyrics, groove or mood?

First of all GROOD. Then maybe lyrics…

 Your band name is the title of a new film from Hollywood. Tell us what genre is it, a one sentence outline, and who plays the lead?

A martial arts film starring Jackie Chan and Britney Spears. It’s about Michael Jacksons rough childhood.

 Do the people your songs are about know that they’re about them? Have you played the songs in front of them?

Uh. Yes we have some. And no, they don’t know. They absoluteley don’t know and its better for our safety.The funny fact about that is, these songs are some of their favourites.

 What instruments do you use live?

Just two guitars, a bass and a simple drumset. Sometimes a self-made shaker made out of a gumbox filled with rice.

 What’s the weirdest place you’ve written a song? Or played a show?

We played an international math scientist workshop. Seriously.

 What time of day or season does your music best fit into?

If you want to get in mood for a party – listen to 54 Fingers. If you are on a party – listen to 54 Fingers. If you wake up after a party with a bad taste in your mouth – listen to 54 Fingers. Toilet time – listen to 54 Fingers.

 What’s one obscure talent of band members that would surprise people listening to your music?

We become invisible if no one is watching us.

 You’re invited to rescore one film – which one do you pick?

Nude Nuns With Big Guns.

 What’s one record you’ve discovered this year and why should everyone know about it?

APL – A Producers Life, great electronic music. and and


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