Show review // Kakkmaddafakka

[Written by Lauren Oswald]

Last Thursday, Norweigan band Kakkmaddafakka played at Privatclub. I was not familiar with them, and quickly realized that knowing their music was not a prerequisite to thoroughly enjoying myself. The colored lights blinked wildly, with the drummer offering a solid beat to carry the rest of the band on stage, dancing in party mode. After hyping up the crowd, they began with a song called ‘Touching’. They then exclaimed that they would be showing us a lot of their “new shit”, as they are close to releasing a new album. It seemed too easy to pick out some of their influences; Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, the Strokes, Fun.- all mixed in with funk, R&B, disco, reggae, and pop. One could argue that their sound was too obviously borrowed, or that there was too much going on. However, these are clearly talented artists, with a unique and amusing stage presence, complete with identical-twin backup singer/dancers, looking dapper in their crisp white dress shirts and bow ties. The vocals were shared, and many of the members played more than one instrument- adding to the non-stop good times. This band has undeniable chemistry! 

Kakkmaddafakka are returning to Berlin to play at Columbiahalle October 19th.

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