Album Review // Still Corners: Strange Pleasures

If dream pop could be summed up into one album alone, it could quite possibly be the most recent creation of musical duo, Still Corners. Strange Pleasures is a refined sound, somewhat clearer than previous musings. Weaving melodic harmonies, airy vocals and sun-kissed instrumentals; it’s an album that immediately makes you think of biking down the street with wind blowing in your hair and sun glistening onto your face, or warm nights drinking beer as the sun sets above you. Luscious reverb creates this nostalgic feeling, drifting you into a fantasy world of musical bliss. Lofty vocals gently sweep over you, while hazy guitar riffs chime in to complete the sound. Each track is a part of a mystical journey to a new and exciting unknown. This isn’t the first time Still Corners have made something of this calibre, last year Creatures of an Hour was played repeatedly during breezy summer days. It’s no surprise Sub Pop is the medium for their music, having signed other current favourites as King Tuff, Beach House, Dum Dum Girls, and Blouse.

Favourite tracks: Berlin Lovers, Strange Pleasures, The Trip

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