Say hallo to Cosmik Khanna from Soupherb – the Indian/Berlin Electro label par excellence

Cosmik Khanna from Soupherb

Born in 1980 in Mumbai, India – Dhruv ‘Cosmik’ Khanna started his musical journey in his childhood with a formal education in keyboard. His interest in music urged him to experiment and fine tune his knowledge into the realms of electronic dance music.

His first showcase as a DJ was in Goa 2000. His passion for electronic music allowed him to explore more deeply into the psychedelics of life. Being a part of the Psychedelic Trance Family since 1999 has led Cosmik to travel all over the globe. He moved to Melbourne in 2004 to finish his studies in Masters in Marketing. Finding the love of his life in the Rainbow Serpent Festival in Melbourne, Australia in January 2006 brought him to Germany in 2013. He has been a true psychedelic warrior and continues to show his skills here in Germany while playing gigs in Switzerland and Holland as well.

Cosmik is currently based in Berlin, Germany where he continues to promote “intelligent dance music” in all ways possible. Focusing on psychedelic-progressive trance, minimal techno with deep tribal and tech house elements, his style as a DJ has taken a more abstract and minimalist approach since his transcontinental move. He plans to expand the horizons of his personal fusion of electronic music.

For Bookings : cosmik.konnection at gmail dot com

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