Rue Royale played last sunday at Privatclub – we were there and will let you know all about it

So Rue Royale played last Sunday night at “Privatclub”, supported by Jonas David and Josh Beech. The charismatic Josh Beech and his drummer started the show and played a really charming combination of melancholic verses and surprisingly hard beats and guitar riffs. Wow! They sounded great but couldn’t get the crowd moving, some were even chatting during the show and all the others seemed to be sort of tired. Well, maybe it was really just due to the fact that it was Sunday evening… Anyway, while the two were still playing, Josh jumped down the stage and left the scene. Quite an original leaving, though we were actually quite surprised that the show was already over.

After that, Jonas David played and the room became so quiet, you could have heard a pin drop. The crowd was listening attentively now and I was glad they were, I wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on a single note! The songs were beautifully arranged, starting out fragile and becoming so tight towards the end. Smooth guitar riffs, tight beats, a discreetly assembled loopstation and Jonas David`s unbelievably emotional voice…

The crowd had to hold their breath! To top it off, their last song “Promises” really felt like a promise; I got that tingly feeling you get that special day in early April when you go out and feel the warmth of the sun on your brow and you realise, hey, it might as well be spring…At first with great reluctance, only because we enjoyed the latter band so deeply, amicable crowd were introduced to Rue Royale. It soon was evident that most of the crowd obviously knew most of the songs… People started moving, smiling, singing along or all three at the same time. Talking to us between the songs, Rue Royale seemed to be quiet and gentle, nearly shy; but they were playing beautifully! Their voices matched perfectly and so did their way of playing the drums: He had the base drum, she the rest and together they were playing as if they were one. In fact, everybody seemed to be included in that “one” that they built up easily by playing their quiet songs, but quiet in that beautiful way…

So I went home after a real great, although mellow concert: But I have to admit, I went home smiling.

Article by Lisa Apelt

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