Roll the windows down and drive fast with Now, Now: Returning to the stage on May 23rd at Cassiopeia

Now, now coming to Berlin

For a long time, it had been quiet around the Minneapolis-based indie rock duo Now, Now. In 2017, they deleted all of their social media content, to replace it with nothing but a short teaser video. Three years before they announced work on a new record had started, but no updates followed until said purge. Just a day later, the long wait finally reached its climax. The band was going on tour again – for the first time since 2013.

Now, Now started their career as Now, Now Every Children in 2003, under which name they released their first EPs and debut album, Cars. The slightly minimalist sound is characterized by an often melancholic, aching keyboard, intertwining with vocalists KC Dalager’s soothing voice. Drums and the occasional jagged guitar emphasize the raising action during the dramatic, raw moments. Those are what really makes Cars and their second album Threads stand apart. Where the tracks of the former rise in action, taking us to a race on the highway to experience youthful freedom, Threads turns into a thoughtful seamstress. Both aren’t quite concept albums, but the motif of weaving oneself into the world, experiencing all its joys and failures, can be traced from the opener The Pull, echoing in Thread, to the closing song Magnet, in which we are stopped to ask if we can still remember our journey. This time around, the windows we’re looking out at the road are covered in droplets, as Now, Now set the mood for an ambient rainy evening. Hazily layered instruments swallow the guitar and rely further on the piano sound, introducing an indie pop and dream pop edge comparable to acclaimed band Beach House.

The third full-length album, which has been revealed to carry the name Saved, will release internationally on May 18th. From the first four tracks that have been made public already, it seems to be expanding on the sound created on Threads. Gentle acoustic guitars are back to remind of the early days, yet the keyboard takes centre as the band experiments with synth pop. Successfully so: The atmospheric, moody chords will make sure to haunt the audience for quite some time.

Having been support act of bands such as Paramore, The Naked And Famous and Hellogoodbye, it’s time for Now, Now to take the stage over again. To make sure you don’t miss their return, indieBerlin is giving away two tickets to one lucky winner to their concert in Berlin on May 23rd. Simply shoot a mail to to try your chance at giving Now, Now the welcoming they deserve.

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