Review – Trixie Trainwreck Release Party for Hard Workin’ Girl in Bassy last Friday

I meet a friend at ten in the bar at the front and we chat as we watch the characters walk past – tattoos, trilbies and Brylcream. The show starts at 11 with Elvis Pummel – obviously a local favourite – who seems to be something of a comedy act, I’m given to understand, whose supposed attraction is that he doesn’t tune his guitar and his voice is completely off-key. A man in a big cowboy hat and sunglasses hangs out on stage during the act and at a couple of indeterminate points picks up some brushes and idly taps out a beat – which doesn’t fit with what the other guy is playing – and then stops again.

Sorry, but the supposed humour and/or entertainment value of all this is completely lost on me People clap and seem enthusiastic. Don’t ask me.

Finally at shortly after midnight Ms. Trainwreck takes the stage.

This is the Trixie Trainwreck No Man Band, and she sits herself down, hoists her guitar onto her lap in front of her pregnant belly, positions the kick drum she’s got set up in front of her, the hihat and stand next to that, and away she goes.

Trixie’s voice has grown up, found itself and grown rich. At times a throaty growl, at times a honeyed yowl, she shows that she’s bestrode a thousand stages in a thousand bars. She’s a thoroughly seasoned performer, completely comfortable up on stage and carrying the audience effortlessly with her, she stomps away at the boom-tish-boom-tish rhythm of the kick and the hat (I would only suggest changing the tambourine every now and then to throw in some other colours on the top, the tambourine being as strident a part of the mix that it is) – and pounds her guitar gutsily along, setting up a rolling beat for herself to sing over.

Trixie swaps  between songs of her own – including Hard Workin’ Girl, also the title of her new 7 inch which is being released tonight – and classic country rock cloud-pleasers. You can see that even though she’s a few months pregnant, she can shake and howl with the best of them.

Trixie is off on a 40 date tour and might then take some time off to have the baby she’s expecting, or who knows – maybe she’ll launch a couple of bands, do  a couple of tours and k eep the mayhem going in the Bassy for a while longer.

Trixie aka Trinity Sarratt organizes the Great Country Swindle every Monday and Pinky’s Peepshow every Wednesday in the Bassy. Never a dull moment with a girl this hard workin’.

Review by Noel Maurice                                                                                                                                 

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