Review: Melvins and Big Business – The Best Show I’ve Ever Seen


Life is true to form – records are meant to be broken.

I knew it. I shouldn’t have gone… From now on, concerts will no longer be the same. Melvins’ live show set the level so high that it’s almost impossible for any band to throw a better show. It’s like trying to break a world record; you know that in the best case scenario it might take some months, but in the worst case it will take several years. For me, the Melvins’ show turned out to be the best show I’ve ever seen, my personal world record. I hope that it won’t take years to see a similar show, but I know that it won’t take a few months either. And this is really sad…

Big Business

I arrived quite early at the venue. I knew that the show was sold out, so I wanted to avoid the long queue in the entrance. Despite the fact I got in half an hour before Big Business go on stage, Berghain’s dance floor was almost full. I think I haven’t seen more people waiting so patiently for a support act to appear on stage. It took them a beer and half to start playing the first song, but oh god! It was loud! Even a fully equipped army of a thousand commandos, shooting with their riffles would make less noise than these two guys were making with only a bass guitar and a drum kit. After two songs I was still not sure if there’s a third or even fourth musician somewhere there, because I couldn’t believe that this sound-bombing was coming only from them! I think that Big Business could be Sunn O)))’s competitors for the throne of the loudest duo ever.

(the) Melvins

Big Business went off stage, just to go up again a few minutes later, this time along with Melvins. On this tour, Big Business is not only opening for Melvins, but they are also the Melvins. Jared Warren is the bassist and Coady Willis is the drummer of Big Business, but at the same time they are the bassist and the second drummer of Melvins respectively. So, you can enjoy kick-ass music x2! Isn’t that brilliant?

King Buzzo was simply… King Buzzo

Even though Big Business team up with Melvins only for the tours, I got an impression that all four of them are playing together for many years. Willis and Crover were perfectly synchronized, filling up every tiny millisecond that could have been left empty by the Warren’s bass or King Buzzo’s guitar. Warren’s Mammoth-ish style of playing was coloring the blackening and King Buzzo was simply… King Buzzo.

A band that radically changed the way we perceive music

Thank god Osborne loved Osbourne and we are able to enjoy Melvins’ Sabbatical music. Buzz Osborne (King Buzzo) and the Melvins are simply as important and influential to heavy music as Ozzy Osbourne’s Black Sabbath. Sabbath with Dio was just another heavy metal band. Sabbath with Ozzy though was a band that changed music forever. Same with Melvins. Since Melvins released their first records, heavy and alternative music is no longer the same.
I cannot think of any heavy band out there, that was formed after the 90s and not mentioning the Melvins as one of their major influences. What Sabbath was for the 70s, Melvins was for the 90s. A band that radically changed the way we perceive music and either fortunately or unfortunately if Kurt Cobain was not such a huge fan, I believe that they would have been known only to a certain amount of people.

But now I feel like an idiot

But now I feel like an idiot. As I said in the beginning I knew that since I’m going to a Melvins’ gig nothing’s gonna be the same. I knew it, but now I’m sure. There’s nothing out there that can be compared with Melvins. And I have to live with it…

In order to have an idea of Melvins awesome set list, you can have a look here:
Please, play it LOUD!

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