Show review // Nôze at Cookies


Walking into Cookies, I honestly had low expectations- for a club to have a bad rep around Berlin is never a good sign given the plethora of spaces to see and be seen. We’re here to see a Parisian duo that has been known to play catchy electro, with an addition of jazzy instrumentals, and sultry vocals from both and Nicolas Sfintescu and Ezechiel Pailhes- the two comrades that together, are Nôze.

Cookies recently had a bit of a make-over, and the new look seems to be drawing in quite a few people. Though, I will tell you this: the gardrobe line-up was insane, and you have to pay for each individual article you want to check. The first room we enter has mediocre hip hop playing, for some unknown reason.  As I squeeze though the sweaty crowd and walk through a hall past the wedding chapel- which is connected to a room with a bed, I graduate to the main hall. The main room is elevated from the bar, and is also filled to the ceiling with people. In Berlin you stop being surprised by this, but rather use your knowledge to make your evening better. I wiggle my way to  behind the DJ booth, atop a ledge where I can see the whole crowd and have a little more then 50 cm of personal space. Off to a late start, they start their set, which is reminiscent of something you might hear at an open air or summertime festival. They have a sort of aura about them; a positivity and care-free energy that is accepted by everyone with open arms. They play for about two hours, and call it a night. The two have basically been playing shows every weekend for the past 5-6 years, so it’s not surprising that they know how to lure a crowd.

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