The Julie Ruin release new album, “Hit Reset”


The Julie Ruin has released its second album, entitled Hit Reset. Singer Kathleen Hanna has been pretty prolific for the last twenty five years, recording under a few names, whether in bands or solo.

Julie Ruin is actually the solo album she recorded and released after her punk rock band, Bikini Kill, broke up in 1998. The group were pioneers in the riot grrrl movement, addressing issues such as patriarchy, female empowerment in various publications. She then founded a band to help her perform the music live. It finally turned into a new formation called Le Tigre which split after Hanna was diagnosed with late stage Lyme disease

This is The Julie Ruin’s second album to come out as a band effort, after 2013’s Run Fast. They played Seth Meyers’ Late Night show, performing their lead single “I Decide”. You can also listen to the song on soundcloud:

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