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New Music Berlin:

Lava. Free flowing, slow moving and hot, hot, hot. Berlin-based duo, Nod One’s Head’s new single, Lava, unlike your daring adventures jumping between furniture as a child, is not one to skip over.

The duo’s contrariness, Charlotte Bühler’s igneous indie-pop vocals combined with Moritz Bommert’s rockin’ tech-house beats and synth melt together to bring their sound out from underground and into the mainstream – yep, I am having fun with volcano metaphors.

Catchy, smooth and alternative

Somewhat ironically, although the duo were originally inspired by urban Berlin’s kaleidoscopic lifestyle and creative energy, NOH’s official music video for Lava is relatively simple and clean-cut. A single woman dressed all in black dances freely before a white background for the entire length of the video. The dancer’s strangely intriguing movements and the frequent use of the reverse motion effect enhances the alienesque nature of the video and nicely distracts from some of the track’s more pedestrian qualities.

Not something to skip over

In all honesty, yes, it is the kind of track that you’ve heard before in those slow motion Hollywood movie party scenes; but hey, it’s catchy, smooth and alternative enough to add to the hipster Berlin club music collection.

Let’s hope NOH’s fiery tracks just keep on coming…

Review by Nina Martinelli

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