Mick Harvey live at Silverwings TONIGHT

Mick Harvey at Silverwings

Mick Harvey live at Silverwings, Wednesday 5/8/2015

Mick Harvey, the right-hand man to Nick Cave since the pre-Birthday Party era, left the Bad Seeds in 2009.I respect Mick Harvey greatly. I think that his work with Bad Seeds, Crime & the City Solution and PJ Harvey is genius. But the biggest loss was Mick’s, not Cave’s, when Harvey left the Bad Seeds. After Harvey’s departure Bad Seeds released their best album over the last 15 years, while Harvey’s both solo albums were nothing really special.

One out of only four shows in Europe

Although, this doesn’t mean that Mick Harvey is not a seasoned musician and a great composer/performer. Along with James Cruickshank (organ), JP Shilo (guitar, piano), Yoyo Röhm (bass), Toby Dammit (Drummer for Iggy Pop & the Stooges)drums and the vocalist Xanthe Waite he will perform the songs of Serge Gainsbourg that Harvey translated himself in English and come from his first two (and my personal favorite) solo albums (Pink Elephants/Intoxicated man).

TONIGHT at Silverwings, Harvey will throw one out of only four shows in Europe for this year in a city where he and the Bad Seeds had their most proactive years back in the mid-80s.

DOORS 20:00
SHOW 21:00
Ticket AK 22€

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