Micachu and the Shapes in Festsaal Kreuzberg this Saturday

Micachu and the Shapes revolve around musician Mica Levi. While studying as a classical musician in Guildhall, UK, where she had one of her compositions recorded by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – she also DJed around the grime scene in London where she put out a mixtape called Filthy Friends that enlisted the help of the likes of now-famous Ghostpoet and other luminaries of the scene. Concentraing on experimental pop music with her new band the Shapes she recorded their debut album Jewellery with influential electronic musician Matthew Herbert as producer. The album was released through Rough Trade and was described as “thrillingly improbable pop made by a grade-A maverick.”

Following on from Jewellery the band played in 2011 live with London Sinfonietta and released the resultant recording as their second album Chopped and Screwed. Unlike their previous effort, the recording largely avoids pop sensibilities in favor of a slower, more ambient style and repetitive, discordant string arrangements. 

Michacu and the Shapes are in Festsaal Kreuzberg on Saturday night. Go.

Article by Noel Maurice

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