Mez Medallion release party this Saturday for the long-awaited album To the Light

These eight slick tracks are an immersive textured world of dreams & visions – futuristic nostalgia, catharsis & charisma channeled through the prism of aching vocals on a bed of drum-machines, sparkling synths & guitar. Imagine Cornelius working with New Order, The Knife & David Bowie and you’re getting close.
Balancing darkness and light, the result is an intoxicating 80s-inflected genre-bend of an album, and each listen will reveal a new dimension as you travel through the extended psychedelic sci-fi synth-prog future jams nestled amongst cathartic pop-hook interplanetary anthems.
The title track was released as a single in April 2012 to rave reviews and the stunning video is replete with supplies of flammable liquids, cheap tennis balls and glitter purchased from the local hardware store, as MM and his team created the walls of fire and fireballs that you see him jump through. And we can expect at least two more vids before 2012 is over.
Remember the bliss when you found salvation from the aching doldrums of those brutally long journeys in the back seat of your parents car with just your walkmen & the few cassettes your pocket money could afford – or if you are too young to know… this is what it felt like.

And here’s when and where:

Come celebrate with MEZ MEDALLION on October 27 for the release of “Move Towards The Light” limited edition cassettes. A party like no other at artist hub LoopHole in Neukölln, featuring Freudian Slit label-mates & special guests from around the globe.

Saturday October 27
9pm til 3am
Boddinstrasse 60, Neukölln
U7 (Rathaus Neukölln)

TUSK (DJ)        




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