Melvins and Big Business at Berghain in Berlin


If I had the option to go to only one show this year, that would be without second thought Melvins’ concert on Thursday at Berghain. It’s not only that Melvins are a major influence to any band out there that makes serious music, but also that “there’s really nothing like a Melvins’ live experience”, as a friend of mine, who’s seen them live before, told some a few years ago.

That’s the bright side of the moon

That’s the bright side of the moon. The dark side of the moon is that the gig is sold out… So for those of you that you didn’t buy a ticket on time, I can think of only two alternatives. Either you go to Leipzig tomorrow (their last show in Germany), or you start calling your contacts one by one, playing with the chances to find someone who already bought a ticket and make an offer that someone cannot reject. I would consider giving mine away if someone could convince Black Sabbath to play live “Master of Reality” in its entirety in my living room, for instance.

“These guys are so good that we asked them to join our band!”

Regarding the opening act “Big Business” King Buzzo and Dale Crover said in an interview about the modern bands that influence the Melvins “These guys are so good that we asked them to join our band!” I guess no further comments needed from side…

Article by Anastasis Koutsogiannis

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