La Voila in King Kong tonight – vive la nouvelle chanson francaise…

Tonight in Kingkong Klub: LA VOILA!

VOILA Group was founded in Prague in 2010. First, they played traditional French chansons of Edith Piaf, which is a speciality of Zdenka Trvalcová (she has been performing Edith Piaf main role for ten years in theater play – Edith Piaf – Little Sparrow from the Suburbs). Later they decided to give these songs a new dimension and created original arrangements of: “Vive la nouvelle chanson francaise !” Well known songs thus got a new dress thanks to the richness of the genre and their changes.

Michal Mihok plays the accordion and likes jazz, guitar is played by Tibor Žida who brought elements of gypsy swing in to the songs and double-bass is taken by Vlado Micenko loving rough chansons of Tom Waits and free improvisation. The singer Zdenka, except her love of French chansons, brings to her show elements of klezmer, cabaret and even decadent opera singing, which is incorporated into familiar songs with bit of humor. Their new, original songs following from the tradition of French chanson were added to the original songs.

This all resulted in a concert program with its surprising ease, wit and originality that is performed by these talented musicians always to their full potential, distinctive energy and joy.

The band is currently hard working on their first album which should be released in 2013.


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