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1. How would you explain your music to a deaf person? I play electric guitar and sing, Steffen plays drums, Nikola plays keyboards, samples and bass on the keyboard. The music is a mixture of folk, rock, electronic elements, pop and punk. Live it sounds more rocky and powerful than people expect! It´s dreamy and powerful. Soothing and relaxing.

2.  What questions are you most often asked in interviews? why is your name Kitty Solaris? 

3. What is your vision for yourself as a musician, if you have one? How do you see yourself in ten years time? I want to get further into different styles of music, I´m very interested in the process of producing on the computer and in electronic music. I’d like to learn more about it.

On the other side I´d like to get more people involved in the project on stage. Like flute and harp and percussion and bass. And to have dancers and performers would be a dream. I´d also like to record the songs I´ve written this year and last year with an analog recording machine.

As a musician I would like to do a couple more records, maybe also try different projects and styles. And get worldwide recognition. The problem for Berlin artists is that they often get stuck in Berlin and Germany. I´d like to find a way out.

4. With which other bands would you like to go on tour or to play together with? Of course it would be a dream to open for one of my heroes – Cat Power, Bill Callahan, Blonde Redhead or Leonard Cohen

5. Are there differences between audiences in Germany and those in, say, the US or other countries? I´ve never been in the US, I played once in London and Paris and the people liked it, because I was different from the local artists. I´d like to play more often in different countries.

6. Are there differences between audiences in Berlin and elsewhere in Germany? it depends on the venue. At Schokoladen in Berlin the audience is usually very nice. In some smaller cities you usually sell more cds and the audience is very open minded.

7. Tell us a little about Solaris Empire. I started the label in 2007 with my first release “Future Air Hostess”. Since then a lot of Berlin acts and artists from all over the world have released their albums via Solaris Empire. Such as Bernhard Eder from Austria (his 4th album is coming on November 9th), My Sister Grenadine (Berlin), Dan Freeman and The Serious from Tasmania, PJ Harvey Tour guitar player Giovanni Ferrario, Grimmon and Marta Collica (John Parish/Hugo Race) from italy, Lasse Matthiessen from Kopenhagen, JUNES and The Legendary Lightness from Switzerland, Toni Kater from berlin, and some more.

Solaris Empire has an extremly artist-friendly label concept that gives the artist much freedom and independence and helps them to grow with a bigger network. I don´t do any CD pressing , I only work with finished products, but prepare the infrastructure of label, distribution and promotion for the release. Artists can sell the CDs on their gigs and on their websites on their own bill, and this gives them a lot of freedom and independence.

I built up the Solaris Empire Label as a home for many interesting and great artists from Berlin and all over the world. My dream is to grow and find partners and a worldwide network.

8.  Which band would you like to interview if you could? Catpower! I met her a couple of years ago at Roter Salon and we spoke a few words. Since then I´m a big fan. I like her new album “SUN” a lot! Blonde Redhead and The Cure. And Nico, if she was still alive. I also had the idea to put the concept of the lofi-lounge: – 3 very different artists playing short sets – into some kind of radio show with short interviews in between, but I´m still looking for the right frame for this. I´m curating the Lofi – Lounge every 1st and 3rd Wednesday from 20:00 till 22:00 at Schokoladen-Mitte.

9. What is music to you? Get close to myself and also get a connection to the universe. I´m always looking for this moment when I´m creating a new song.

10. Tell us something about your new release, Stop the Dance and when we can see you play live? the single “We Stop the Dance” will be on Itunes etc. from September 28th. We’ve already got airplay on Flux Fm and other radio stations. It goes one step further into the direction of dancefloor and sounds like a mixture of house and pop. Besides Nikola Jeremic (Beats and bass and sound) and Steffen Schlosser (guitar) and Brio Taliaferro (guitar, drums and additional production and mix), I had great guests like Meike Eimers on flute and the ROOFTOP RUNNERS on backing vocals.

The whole album “We Stop the Dance” will be released in early 2013. It goes a little bit away from the singer/songwriter pop. Still melancholic, it´s a little darker and more energetic and angry than the album before. Besides that it still has a contemplative and soothing touch. It´s all about giving up something, for example drinking beer and smoking cigarettes or toxic relationships. It´s about independence. Becoming independent. I´m looking forward to it.

You can listen to the single at

The next gigs will be on September 21st at Antje Oeklesund (Rigaer Str, 71-73) and November 15th at Wild at Heart. /

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