The Kids are Alt-Right – Candice Gordon release party in Berghain Kantine 16.3 – win tickets

Candice Gordon live Berghain Kantine The kids are alt-right

Berlin based Irish artist Candice Gordon will be releasing her single ‘The Kids are Alt-Right’ on the 16th of March with a launch show in Berlin’s Berghain Kantine.

It’s a tongue in cheek reflection on the extreme right movement in the form of a high-tension, trashy, garage rock song. It was recorded in a basement in Texas soon after Trump’s inauguration in 2017, and will be released on Proper Octopus records.

A tongue in cheek reflection on the extreme right movement in the form of a high-tension, trashy, garage rock song

‘The Kids are Alt-Right’ is a return to Gordon’s rock and roll roots since the releases of her eclectic and dark debut album ‘Garden of Beasts’ and her Shane MacGowan produced EP ‘Before the Sunset Ends’.

Candice Gordon is a mesmerising, truly rock n roll performer – make sure to catch her live at Berghain Kantine this coming Friday 16th March!

Write to win (at) for the chance to win a pair of tickets to the night!

“Brooding atmospheric songwriting packed with ominous poetics and powerful vocals.”

“Agreeably bonkers slice of horror themed garage rock raucousness.”
The Guardian

“The greatest song never to feature on the Twin Peaks soundtrack.”

“Sweetly dark folk-tinged music, like ‘Murder Ballads’ era Bad Seeds.”
Time Out London

Upcoming shows:
16th March – Berghain Kantine, Berlin

For tickets go to:

13.04. Musikmesse, Frankfurt (GER)
17.04 Ilses Erika, Leipzig (GER)
18.04 Scheune, Dresden (GER)
19.04 Z-Bau, Nuremberg (GER)
20.04 Merlin, Suttgart (GER)
21.04 Studio 672, Koln (GER)
22.04 Wageni, Bochum (GER)
23.04 Trinkhalle, Bochum (GER)
24.04 Potemkin, Bielefeld (GER)
16.05 Birraficio Deli Archi, Viareggio, (IT)
17.05 Michima, Terni, (IT)
18.05 Boa Sorte, Tarquinia (IT)
24.05 Controverso, Scafati (IT)
25.05 Officina 72, Agropoli (IT)
26.05 Alibi, Foggia (IT)
01.06 Schlossgrabenfest, Darmstadt (GER)

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