Jonas Hatschek takes us on a quest to find the dark heart of Berlin’s hiphop underground.

From Stockholm to Berlin 

 Jonas Hatschek takes us on a quest to find the dark heart of Berlin’s hiphop underground

 The room reeks of cigarette smoke, sweat and beer. I do not know for how long I have been here, but a small burst of sun is entering the room through a gap in the curtains. The beat seems never ending, and keeps pounding like a hammer that just won’t stop. I take a look at the clock. Almost 07.30 in the morning.

 I look around, and find myself kind of closed in by people running, dancing all by themselves, screaming, laughing, or just standing around. Graffiti and small scribbles with unreadable letters made with permanent markers in different colors covers all the walls in the entire place. Maybe some of them are as confused as I am, who knows. It all fits perfectly into this one messy, raw, dirty, picture that is Berlin. The slacker’s paradise. The stoner’s Nirvana. The Mecca of post modern art.

 There are many questions in the life of a normal 22-year-old man, and sometimes life takes you on unexpected journeys and tasks, like this one, but for once I feel that I stumbled in somewhere with perfect timing. These articles are going to be mostly about my life and my impressions of Berlin, and above all; hiphop music. This is my oasis where I can share with you my favorite music, rappers and Djs that I stumble upon and also the music we make on our trip.

 I came to Berlin about three weeks ago (although it feels like yesterday) to live my life here with three other friends from home, focusing on hearing, seeing, writing and producing as much and as good music as we can here in Berlin.

 So, what’s our story?

 Most hip hop groups start up in a basement, Well, we didn’t have one, so we started up in my dad’s kitchen (he travels frequently enough with his job). In the beginning we basically just got together, got drunk, came up with a funny theme, funny rap names, made a simple beat in GarageBand and recorded what we had written.

 I played drums in a band at the time, and sometimes we just had live rap/jam sessions. They used to sound a bit like this… (rap in Swedish):

Li’l Buzzahz – Manliness by jonas hatschek

 …and yeah, by the way, if you want to skip the Swedish nonsense-talk-thing, just fast forward like one and a half minute and the music will start.

 After some time we decided that we wanted to start doing something that was actually nice to listen to and had a bit of substance, so we formed a rap crew. Stoked by having made some progress, we used the facilities where I used to practice with my band to put some stuff down.

 Back then, we used to sound like this:

 And the rest, I guess, is just history…

Now we are here in the amazing and beautiful city of Berlin, a huge playground and a world of possibilities where only fantasy puts boundaries. We have high expectations of the scene, and are very anxious to get out and see what’s hidden underneath all this, so pass me a link if you have any tips on good places to go or rappers to talk to. Also, if you rap, you are more than welcome to contact me by e-mail, maybe we can get together and spit sometime.

 Article by Jonas Hatschek


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