indieberlin outstanding art music fashion festival – CALL FOR ARTISTS – Tell me more, tell me more

Since a lot of interested artists, musicians and designers have required more information about the event, we wanted to give you a clearer idea of the bigger picture.

The event is planned as a one-night multi-arts happening in Fluxbau in Kreuzberg on May 24th. We plan for there to be a wealth of hung art (pictures, iluustrations, photos etc), video installations, fashion being presented, as well as three to five live bands through the evening followed (and preceded) by DJs. Earlier in the evening there will also be a couple of readings. And during the evening we are open to showing a couple of short films too. The live music will loosely be in the indierock direction.

The evening will be promoted through FluxFM (based upstairs, and to whom the venue belongs), as well as online and print media. Beyond this, the art and artists involved will enjoy promotion on the site. We plan also offer all involved artists, if they so wish, to have the included art for sale through the online shop which will be launched together with the event. As well as having the artists’ names and a short description of the work next to their artworks there will also be a QR code so that any interested prospective buyers can immediately find the artwork in the online shop, making possible sales much more easily carried out!

The art has to be hung up shortly before the event and will have to be put down not too long afterwards again.

As far as street artists and or tape artists want to be involved there is a spot where the art can stay for a longer period and the there is the possibility to do a live wall painting during the festival or shortly before.

So that’s it for the brief description of the night so far. Any questions you have please shoot them to us at outstanding(AT)indieberlin(DOT)de. We’re also happy if you sign up to our newsletter :)! Oh and all participants are also welcome to become part of the indieberlin network and be presented on our website – if they wish to.

We’re very excited to have the chance to present some of the wealth of great art, fashion and music that’s being made by independent creatives throughout the city, and we look forward to having a really great night with all of you!


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