Indieberlins Top Songs Of The Week – Spread My Love.

Jape – Floating
PigPen Theatre Co. – Weathervane
British India – I Thought We Knew Each Other
Holiday Oscar – Teething Powder
Daniela Andrade – Shore
Teresa Caballo – Spread My Love
The Half Earth – Borders
Douglas Dare – Oh Father
The White Raven – Rose
Hannah Epperson – Story (Amelia)
Jóga – I Can Stay
Showstar – Everyday Is Like Sunday (Morrissey)

Teresa Caballo – New EP “From Synthwave To Evergreen” out on 24.09. and live @ Madame Claude on the same day! –

Hannah Epperson – New Album “Upsweep” out on 16.09. and live @ Monarch on 18.09.! –

Douglas Dare – New Album “Aforger” out on 14.10. and live @ Kantine am Berghain on 19.10.! –

Picture by Norman Zielasko –

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