Indieberlins Top Songs Of The Week – As Long As You Stay.

Futile – Young Link
Cloud Nothings – Modern Act
Oldboy – Debaser
Holiday Oscar – Nicholas
Christian Löffler (feat. Mohna) – Haul
Cody ChesnuTT – I Stay Ready
Klez.e – Mauern
Alcest – Notre Sang Et Nos Pensées
FINS – As Long As You Stay
Henry Jamison – Dallas Love Field
Hanging Valleys – Coast Days
We Were Strangers – Unforgiving War

Holiday Oscar – New EP “Spilt Milk & Teething Powder” out now! –

Klez.e – New Album “Desintegration” out on 13.01.2017! –

Alcest – New Album “Kodama” out now and live @ BI NUU on 27.11.! –

Photo by Norman Zielasko –

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