indieberlin tip for tonight – Owl City in Lido

Adam Young has been releasing music under the name Owl City since he was working day shifts loading coca-cola trucks and recording in his parents’ basement at night, using cheap equipment and uploading it to the new platform called Myspace…he instinctively knew how to work this new internet way of doing things and this canniness as well as the sound of his music led to him being signed by Universal Republic. Releasing Ocean Eyes in 2009 led to a US platinum success in 2010.

Adam hasn’t stopped there and is going from album to album and strength to strength. For his last album he’s got professional studio help on board with Stargate (Rihanna) and Mark Hoppus (Blink182) but hasn’t lost any of his focus or his maverick spirit. Do yourself a favour and check this wunderkind out in Lido tonight.


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