Indieberlin review – La Luz at Kantine am Berghain

La Luz_Zoe Rain

When entering the Kantine am Berghain on Tuesday night it was obvious that the surf-rock band La Luz has grown a solid fan base in Berlin. The room was pretty much full and people seemed to be waiting for the gig to start in much anticipation, thought part of the anxiety was probably due to the fact that the Berlin-based band Plattenbau was playing as the support act of the night.

Plattenbau heated the room nicely up with their punkish rock songs before giving way to La Luz. The four-piece group from Seattle played of course loads of songs from their debut album ‘It’s Alive’ which was released already last year, but also some new stuff. The main appeal in their music is Shana Cleveland’s guitar work, which is perfectly backfilled by Lena Simon’s meandering bass lines. In Kantine it was a bit of a shame that the keyboard played by Alice Sandahl couldn’t be heard too well even after lifting the volume.

If you ever have a chance to go to a concert of theirs somewhere, I’d say do it. There’s nothing wrong with listening to them on a record but with this kind of music and energy it just makes more sense to see them live. On stage La Luz was obviously not there to kiss the audience’s ass but to have fun with them and each other. Their music is a catchy mixture of punk attitude, groovy bass lines, garage sound, sun-kissed doo-wop-pop and mellow surf-rock in the traditional and even nostalgic sense, and during the night the audience took part in the “soul train line”, a stock feature of La Luz’s shows.

Fun, dancey and just extremely cool – that was La Luz at Kantine am Berghain.


Written by Kiira Koskela

Photo by Zoe Rain

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