Indieberlin review – First Aid Kit live at Astra October 9th


In the name of full honesty I got to admit that I might have developed a teeny-weeny girl-crush on the duo from First Aid Kit. Not only do they write and play amazing folk-pop songs and have toured around Europe and the US (they’ve even supported Jack White on his tour, for heaven’s sake) but they also manage to look just plain cool in their own original way while doing all this.

This was also the case at Astra where they played on Thursday night for a much-excited audience. The Swedish sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg, i.e. First Aid Kit, had come up with a nice set list with ballads and faster songs in a good balance to keep things interesting. Wearing quirky gold outfits they played a bunch of songs from their latest album Stay Gold as well as old tunes including King of the World, Wolf, acoustic version of Ghost Town and finally the crowd-pleaser Emmylou which ended the night. In between the songs the audience was told an entire set of cheese jokes (they don’t really work in written language, so apologies, I’m not going to share them here) as well as little anecdotes from their time as First Aid Kit.

The Söderberg sisters have been raved about their harmonious voices which go together in a way probably only sisters can manage. It’s always nice to notice that their singing sounds even better and stronger live than recorded, resulting in different kind of emotion and warmth in many of the songs.

All in all a very enjoyable gig that only came to an end a tad too soon.

By Kiira Koskela
Photo by Christian Düringer

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