indieberlin review and photo gallery: Fat Freddy’s Drop live in Berlin @ C-Halle

Fat Freddy's Drop live at Columbia Halle Berlin

If you go to see Fat Freddy’s Drop these days you know what to expect – no longer an insider tip, FFD are the party band of choice for people with taste and style. The New Zealand jump-around band have been coming to Germany for over a decade and after first being touted around by new friends Jazzanova and the Sonar Kollektiv, they have been exponentially increasing their fanbase with every visit. This time around they were in the Columbiahalle and the place was packed out, which is like sold out except that they squeeze an extra two hundred bodies into the hall. The only thing that might improve things would be to include a real drumkit, but they’re still staying with pre-recorded drums and a bit of live beatmaking. Still, that ensures that the gigs retain the flavour of being somewhere between a club night and a live gig….they have loads of personality, they jump around like fuck and even after all these years of being almost constantly on the road they still obviously love every minute of being on stage. Great gig, great fellas, great night. Yes!!

Article by Noel Maurice // photos by Mia Morris – PS – do they put “back lighting only” on in the first ten minutes to piss photographers off?

Mia Morris is co-founder of indieberlin and a Berlin native. She has been active in the Berlin arts scene since the early zeroes as photographer and visual artist, also under the name Funkyrotic. Mia Morris also runs which specialises in SEO marketing and website optimisation.

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