indieberlin review – Com Truise live in Fluxbau

Electronic producer extraordinaire Com Truise, otherwise known as Seth Haley, performed as part of indie party line Karrera Klub’s 18th birthday on the 28th of May. Though the weather was abysmal people came in droves and the small FluxBau venue was packed. Haley released his first LP Galactic Melt in 2011 and has been gradually amassing praise, remixing songs from the likes of Twin Shadow, Everything Everything, and Daft Punk.

Haley marries unusual bass lines with bright synth sounds, what he coins synth-wave, to create a sound that manages to be comforting yet singular. The music is effortlessly smooth even though it involves so much and watching the show live is proof: on stage, Haley is alone surrounded by digital contraptions that he continually operates. While performing Haley had a stone-cold façade, but he managed to break the veneer and smile sweetly to the crowd in the breaks in-between and this demeanor manifests itself in his music; the combination of hard and soft is what propels his craft.

Haley’s compositions sound like the soundtrack to an exhilarating 1980’s car chase or an intergalactic escapade; so evocative and immersive is his music. Moreover, Haley’s songs carry real emotion: it is plain to hear that it is music created by a human being. Haley pays homage to 80s electro while still managing to remain contemporary. If this is what the future of electronic music sounds like, count me in. I haven’t been able to stop listening to his music since the show on Wednesday; I have found myself completely under Com Truise’s spell.


Review by Eli Levy

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