indieberlin Live Review – Ghost Capsules in Bi Nuu
GHOST CAPSULES – Bi Nuu – Berlin
Last Saturday in Bi Nuu, Vienna based band Ghost Capsules and its front singer Laura Gomez glamoured a sparse crowd with the efficiency of a one night stand. Sexy, mysterious and straight to the point. Quick witchcraft lesson.

Having a bad hair day, I decide to show up wearing a wooly hat. With all due respect, the hair statement of our host totally allows me to drop it off – thank God, it seems that we are going to sweat tonight. A Robert Smith-y hair cut overhanging a dark silhouette, parelmour pumps and a mysterious satchel around her neck : Miss Tick gets our whole attention.

The one hour Sabbath took place in front of a scattered but intense herd, gathered as a family (most of the audience was made up of friends Gomez met during her 1.5 year living experience in Berlin) to enjoy the dark potion delivered by the band.

To prepare a spell of efficiency : moaning machines, spreading catchy rhythms and deep synths. A haunting unretouched female voice. Hypnotic and sexy lyrics. And an energetic drum set warming it all up.

The spell is on and we are confused. Influenced by artists such as The Knife, Bat for Lashes, or even Björk in her most dancy phases, Barcelona raised Gomez adds something hot to this Nordic orgy. In a very elegant way, she shares the stage with her three wizards throughout a gig that is not about her, them or the audience, but about the generous urge to share a very promising music.

The set is done : I lost my hair dignity in crazy dancing, but won a bunch of mesmerizing songs that are going to be stuck in my head for the next two days. And I love it.

If the show could have been cheered up by some visual excitement, we can assert that experience will make this starting band one of the next big things.

Review by Sylvain Claverson

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