indieberlin interview with Martin Kleid

Martin Kleid – four charismatic dudes from Italy: Sasha Polita (vocals, guitar, programming), Claudio Santoni (guitar, synth), Francesco Pellegrinelli (bass guitar) and Michele Bellagamba (drums). They’re thinking big and so it should be no surprise that they’re heading for Berlin. 

We had a cyber chat with Martin Kleid and asked them everything you want to know. Check it out.

What would you like to be the first feeling people have when listening to your music? The feeling we would like people to have is “interest”. We like to create melodies that go straight to the ear and brain of the audience. Our songs could make people dance, bring them far from where they are or just give a shock of energy, and we try to do it in the easiest way…try to capture the audience’s attention.

Does Berlin have an influence on your music? Just in the last few days we have been working on a song, called “Gray”, that is about love between two people seperated by the Berlin Wall, in the 70’s. The song is about the frustration about being so close but at the same time so fucking far from the person you love; and also about the influence that society has on our private life and important choice of our existence. Surely it will be in our next album 🙂

Are you touring / playing in Berlin? When can we see you live here? At the moment there are no planned concerts in Berlin, but it would be wonderful for us to play in a such stimulating and exciting city. Our label “Dark Dimension” is German, so hopefully there will be the chance to play in Berlin.

You’re from Italy: do you think that Germans and Italians have a different approach to music? As we said we haven’t yet played in Germany, but in Italy by now the approch people have to the music is ascetic. We explain: the economic chrisis makes people poor, and so the music industry and the owners of music clubs. The result is that bands which play their own music are not supported, it’s hard to find a place to play and sometimes bands don’t even have the refund for the gasoline used. In this scenario people are not used to listening to new bands, they become everyday more closed towards everything which is new. It’s hard for them to enter into a state of mind of openness…so most of the time the audience is a little bit cold to the artist.

Do you have a vision for your music? Sure, without a vision it’s almost impossible to create anything. We want to express all our creativity, our feelings, our passion for music and our energy, and we try to transmit that energy to our audience. Music is one of the greater instruments of communication, so our music is the expression of our souls.

Who would you like to work with? If we’re allowed to dream, it would be great to work with Brian Eno.





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