Indieberlin Interview with IAMDYNAMITE

IAMDYNAMITE interview with Chris Phillips, Drummer of IAMDYNAMITE

How would you explain your music to a deaf person? I would Jump up and down, smile really big, and flash a ton of lights. And spell out “Fun Rock” in Sign Language

What questions are you most often asked in interviews? “What are your musical Influences?”…. we always say something different!

What is your vision for the band, if you have one? Write music we like to play, and have fun doing it. Also, play as much as possible to whoever will listen.

With which other bands would you like to go on tour or to play together with?
We will play with anyone, we aren’t picky. If there is an opportunity for us to play and we are available…. we will almost always do it.

How do you write your songs? We are currently writing now…. It’s a long hard process. Chris Martin usually starts with a part or melody and we build off of it. Now we have been jamming more at different tempos to see if anything catches attention. Since we are in different states, we will do a lot of recording and sending back and forth.

Are there differences between audiences in Germany and those in, say, the US? We were told that Fans in Germany were different, but since we like to talk on stage to people I think it breaks down the barriers and lets people in a little more. One thing we did notice is sarcasm is definitly lost in translation… So keep that in mind…We are sarcastic guys all the time.

Which band would you like to interview if you could? I would like to interview Nickleback… one question…”when are you going to please stop?”

What is music to you? Music is our Job…. and we love what we do.

Tell us something about your new release and when we can see you play live? Prepare to play it really loudly on your stereo… and have it stuck in your head for days… in a good way.

Come see us play at Comet in Berlin, with Straight Frank
Thursday March 22nd at 8pm
Tickets available at


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