indieberlin Interview with ALEC TRONIQ

Tell us something about your new release and can we see you play live? My new record “Pimpernuckel” is pretty uncommon as it’s almost solely made of acoustic instruments. I whistled, played guitars and recorded plenty of noises for that. So it sounds very summerly and though kicks ass on the dancefloor 🙂 For “Mumpitz” I had amazing fun sessions with my Jazz fellows Christian Schöbel & Mario Meusel. “KKrock” is a rework of a Konrad Küchenmeister track, who is globetrotting with his awesome one man live show. Some weeks before this release we put out my “Rueffel EP” on Ipoly Music, which is also such a high-spirited music.

I’m playing my own music in Live Acts, which is like an electronic live concert. Just find the dates on my website or FB page 🙂

What is music to you? To me music is the most direct way to transport emotions. There can be differences between emotions sent by the artist and those received by the listener, but still it can be perceived as something aesthetic in very individual interpretations – that’s so fascinating. Music is a human construct, but sometimes you can feel how deep it is rooted in our evolution. Sounds pretty overblown, huh? 😉 To make it short: I like music.

How would you explain your music to a deaf person?In a hilarious mood it tastes like lemon ice cream, looks like fluffy clouds and feels like butterflies in your stomach. In an emotional mood it looks like an autumn eve, feels like a hot bath and smells like forest air. But in euphoric moments it feels like sweat on your skin and smells like diesel! 

What questions are you most often asked in interviews?Explain your music BLAH most asked questions BLAH future plans BLAH … 😉

What is your vision for where you want to take your music, if you have one? Punta Arenas maybe? My vision is to have no vision, because this would mean to have something like a plan. But music evolves from emotions. You can’t design emotions. Music has to be genuine, so I just see and hear what happens.

With which other artists would you like to go on tour or to play together with? This minute with the fellow Wolfgang Lohr. He has a wide musical range and comprehension. That would be pretty enriching.

How do you come up with your pieces? Completely experimental. I have no established routine and try to keep that fooling with music and sound. So my tracks are made of nosy, playful fun. But sometimes I awake in the morning, there is a particular idea and I have to realize it.

Are there differences between audiences in Germany and those in other countries where you’ve played? As a live performing artist I always experienced people in other countries more open minded for unheard-of music. In contrast Germans seem to me a little less upfront with new or unusual music, they sometimes have their concrete expectations of music. But they go really wild as well!

Which artist would you like to interview if you could? Liam Howlett

Thank you and good luck!

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 Interview by Noel Maurice

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