Gig review – Irish Stompfolk rocker Eamonn Dowd does his thing in St. Gaudy

A few dozen of us were lucky enough to catch an entertaining 30 minute solo set featuring Eamonn Dowd, the hard working Irish troubadour currently touring around promoting his latest release ” Things aren’t the way they used to be” (Spellbound Records).
Just in from a few dates in New York including a show at the Rod N Gun in Brooklyn, Eamonn has sandwiched in a couple solo gigs back to back in Berlin. Tonight’s Gaudy Str. Cafe show is a lively departure from the typical folkish ensembles one usually sees at this type of a venue. One can imagine a 3 piece Rock n Roll band behind Eamon as he performs. The standouts from the eve “You’re on your own” and ” She went out Galavanting” both are delivered with an honesty that usually only comes from obvious real life experience. The Charistmatic Mr. Dowd, originally from Dublin, Ireland now calls Gotheburg, Sweden his home base when he in not on the road. After this German jaunt, he joins his band the Rackateers in Ireland for a few dates then back for a short run of Sweden. Later in the eve after the show as The Gaudy Str. audience files out I overhear an obvious new Dowd fan yell ” Come back soon” Hopefully Eamonn heard that!

Review by Cameron

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